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New ways with VÁV UNION

VÁV UNION Ltd. offers a wide range of products and services in the electricity sector.
We manufacture, install and maintain power distribution equipment, design
and assemble complete transformer substations, and develop computer-based data
collection and supervision systems.


As the intellectual successor to the VÁV Switchgear Company, VÁV UNION Ltd.’s market presence dates back to the 1950s.
Most manufacturing companies opted to outsource installation works after the nationalisation of companies following
World War II, but VÁV was specifically established to provide on-site services. The product range was later expanded
with self-developed low- and medium-voltage switchboards. The company achieved outstanding results in the mid-eighties.

VÁV has developed 0.4 kV switchboard equipment, about 20 medium-voltage power distribution product lines,
as well as industrial and communal outdoor transformer stations. Also, we have completed major projects at the Liszt Ferenc
International Airport and Metro, as well as electrical jobs at most large industrial corporations.

We have carried out unique works in the Far and Middle East, North-Africa, and in several European countries
in the areas of railway electricity, power stations and electricity provisions. Fifty-five transformer stationsin Kuwait
constitute one of our standout references.

The beginnings

At the end of the 80s, industrial production dropped dramatically, resulting in plunging capital expenditures.
Consequently, VÁV’s market share declined considerably. Recognising the need for change, engineers in the business
management department quit the company to establish VAV UNION Ltd., a mostly privately owned business, in March 1991.

The company hired VÁV’s employees (mostly from the VÁV Switchgear Company) who had ample experience across the power
distribution sector, from design, development and manufacturing to installation. With their support, the newly founded company
quickly gained new references in the chemical, food, construction, electricity, broadcasting, telecommunications and health care sectors.

VÁV’s success is attributable to high-quality products, excellent workmanship, customer-oriented services, and continuous liaisons
with customers right from the emergence of a project idea. In 1994, VÁV UNION Ltd. acquired most of the predecessor company,
including the Budaörs site, production machines and tools, as well as various test and other equipment, along with production rights
and documentation. The number of employees grew to 150. VÁV UNION prefers and installs top-quality products manufactured
by Hungarian businesses; this is usually in line with our customers’ expectations.

“…we have completed major projects
at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport…”

Competitive position in Hungary and abroad

Some of our recent projects have been related to public transportation. For years, we have been involved in the modernization
of tramway lines on Budapest’s Grand Boulevard; it was partly thanks to our contribution that the now-famous long SIEMENS
Combino trams are in service.

Recent technical developments involved the modernization of city and suburban track-based electric transport systems
(trains, trams and trolleys), as well as the metro system of Budapest. Thanks to several decades of experience in direct current
power supply units, we have participated in several large recent projects, providing modern direct current switchboards
integrated into transport companies’ new energy supply and control infrastructure.

Miskolc: In the „Green Arrow” project, we were responsible for modernizing the entire city tram energy supply system.
Our job involved setting up five transformer stations and the control engineering system.

Budapest: We played a major role in reconstructing tram lines no. 1 and 3. We were awarded the comprehensive reconstruction
of four transformer stations on each line, and installed self-developed direct current switchboard units. The reconstruction
and tram line extension works continue, so we have a good chanceto win further major works in future.

Besides the energy supply of communal lines, we have also worked on the electrical reconstruction of several garages
and tram depots. Our latest goal is the technological developmentof brake energy regeneration and storage in electric vehicles.

VÁV UNION Ltd. operates according to the MSZ 28001:2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007) and EN ISO 9001:2015
quality management standards as well as the EN ISO 14001:2015 environment management system, and complies with SCC.
These quality certificates provide a framework for the high-quality services that our customers are accustomed to.

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